Rent to Own

Rent-to-Own Program

Why pay for a mini-warehouse or public storage facility to store your things when you can save yourself the hassle and gas by keeping them at home in one of our quality sheds? There is no credit check, and it only takes a few minutes! Simply complete an application and pay the first month’s rent. Then, you receive your shed and make your monthly payments. At the end of your contract, the building is yours!

How much is the down payment?

To enroll in our Rent-to-Own program, we require a down payment equal to one month’s rental payment for units up to a certain dollar amount.
Additional security deposits are required for larger sized buildings. For delivery, the first 30 miles are free. Any overage mileage will be calculated and paid at the time of purchase and paid to Summit Structures. Certain conditions apply. Rent-to-own option is not available for build-on-site projects.
Is there a credit check?

Signup for the rental program is not a long process. As such, there is no credit check required. Just provide a copy of your driver’s license or state-issued id and complete our application.

Can I payoff the contract early?

You can purchase your shed at any time with what is called a "no-penalty early payoff." With a 36-month rental agreement, you would simply pay 60% of the remaining balance on your contract when you are ready for pay off. You can always get those exact payment amounts by contacting the rental company.

Can I return the shed if I move or no longer need it?

As long as you are current on your payments, you may contact the rental company to have your shed returned at no penalty.

Are all the rental contracts for 36 months?

No. We also have 24, 48 and 60-month terms available. We also provide the option of making a larger down payment in order to reduce the monthly payment amounts. In our catalog and website, we only show the standard 36-month payment options. Each contract has slight differences in rates and payoff amounts. Our sales teams can share all of the available options with you.

Advantages of the Rent-To-Own Program

Storage or Warehouse Facility
Rent-To-Own Shed
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