To provide better service for our valued customers, we urge you to read over this information.  For those of you purchasing sheds in Montana please familiarize yourselves with the permitting regulations in your area to understand what city, county, or state permitting and regulations are required. For best results start with the city permitting and regs then move on to the county and state if needed. We have included links for the counties and cities of the state of Montana.

We customize our sheds to conform to regulations, zoning requirements, and safety standards within our cities, counties, and the State of Montana. The following will help guide you through the permitting process here in Big Sky country concerning permit requirements, the application process, and possible outcomes of not being properly permitted.


State and local governments have established regulations and standards in the construction of buildings, and a permit system has been adopted to promote the use of these practices to safeguard the public’s health and welfare. You will find the cities and counties in the state of Montana follow permitting protocols based on the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC), providing detailed guidelines for a variety of construction projects.


The definition of a building encompasses the shed as well; therefore for any non-exempt building, a permit must be obtained prior to its construction from either the local government or the state. This applies whether it’s new, being renovated, relocated, or changing its purpose. 

Most Montana cities and counties exempt any shed less than 200 square feet. Here are the pertinent details.


Measurements may vary within each city or county in the state of Montana; however, exempt sheds usually have the following criteria in common: 

Sheds with a maximum size up to 200 square feet, with a maximum height up to 12 feet, and with a footprint respecting all setbacks are usually exempt.

Sheds that do not fall under this category may require permitting.

For those sheds requiring permitting or engineered specifications, we will construct them as per mandated regulations and prevailing building codes. Prices may be adjusted to accommodate for extra requirements.

If you have questions or are uncertain about whether your project requires a building permit, you can reach out to the Building Codes Bureau at (406) 841-2056

For cost of permit you can figure between 1-2% of the building value including all finish work, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, fire systems, and permanent equipment. However, exempt sheds may have other fees assessed.

Use the attached link to figure out the cost of the State of Montana shed permit cost.


First and foremost in this application process contact your city or county first. Please refer to Montana Towns Building Permits for contact information.

Obtain appropriate permit applications, complete them as required, provide site plans with detailed information, and location footprint on the property.  The entity where you obtained the permit application will advise you as to the permit submission process, and some cities and counties offer online services to accommodate this process.  The application will be reviewed by the planning board which will verify compliance with all zoning requirements, property setbacks, and building codes.  To allow for quicker approval, ensure your plans and application align with all regs.

Considerations: If your shed does not conform to all regulations, you have some options to explore. Remember building codes and regulations ensure safety, zoning compliance, overall well-being of the community, and neighborly love. A variance is one of the important options to explore in bringing your shed into compliance with regs.  The planning board may offer it, and it will need to pass a process outlined by the city or county.

Other options consist of modifying the structure or relocating it. Depending on the code regulation in violation, you may be able to modify the shed bringing it into compliance, such as resizing, repositioning, or altering the structure in other ways. If the shed has already been built you may need to relocate it.

Here at Summit Structures, we can meet most if not all of the requirements through our shed design process.  

Other Considerations: Often you are required to have a building permit prior to construction or moving in a shed.  However, arrangements can be made to begin without a permit due to Montana’s limited construction-friendly weather, for example, in pouring footings or foundations before a permit is granted.

By not following the permitting process, several things could occur but are not limited to substantial fines, grievances from neighbors, liens being placed on your property, penalties enforced by the Homeowner’s Association, structural issues, or you might face the necessity to relocate or rebuild your shed.

Montana Towns Building Permits

Montana Department of Labor and Industry Business Standards Division

City County Pop.  
Alberton Mineral 420 (406) 722-3404
Anaconda Deer Lodge 9,298
Bainville Roosevelt 208 (406) 769-2621
Baker Fallon 1,741
Bearcreek Carbon 79 (406) 446-1221
Belgrade Gallatin 7,389
Belt Cascade 597 406-277-3621
Big Sandy Chouteau 598 (406) 378-2350
Big Timber Sweet Grass 1,641
Billings Yellowstone 106,954
Boulder Jefferson 1,183
Bozeman Gallatin 37,280
Bridger Carbon 708 406-662-3677
Broadus Powder River 468 (406) 436-2409
Broadview Yellowstone 192 (406) 667-2173
Browning Glacier 1,016 (406) 338-2344
Butte Silver Bow 34,525
Cascade Cascade 685 406-468-2808
Chester Liberty 847 (406) 759-5635
Chinook Blaine 1,203 (406) 357-3160
Choteau Teton 1,684 (406) 466-2510
Circle McCone 615 406-485-2524
Clyde Park Park 288 (406) 686-4719
Colstrip Rosebud 2,214
Columbia Falls Flathead 4,688
Columbus Stillwater 1,893
Conrad Pondera 2,570 406.788.3398
Culbertson Roosevelt 714 (406) 787-5271
Cut Bank Glacier 2,869
Darby Ravalli 720
Deer Lodge Powell 3,111
Dillon Beaverhead 4,134 406-683-4245
Dodson Phillips 124 (406) 301-0256
Drummond Granite 309 406-288-3231
Dutton Teton 316
East Helena Lewis and Clark 1,984
Ekalaka Carter 332 (406) 775-8731
Ennis Madison 838 (406) 682-4287
Eureka Lincoln 1,037
Fairfield Teton 708 (406) 467-2510
Fairview Richland 840 (406) 742-5616
Forsyth Rosebud 1,777
Fort Benton Chouteau 1,464
Fort Peck Valley 233 (406) 526-3220
Froid Roosevelt 185 (406)766-2202
Fromberg Carbon 438 (406) 668-7383
Geraldine Chouteau 261 (406) 737-4361
Glasgow Valley 3,250
Glendive Dawson 4,935
Grass Range Fergus 110 (406) 428-2174
Great Falls Cascade 58,505
Hamilton Ravalli 4,348
Hardin Big Horn 3,505
Harlem Blaine 808 (406) 353-2361
Harlowton Wheatland 997 (406) 632-5523
Havre Hill 9,310 406 265 4941
Helena Lewis and Clark 28,190
Hingham Hill 118 (406) 397-3146
Hobson Judith Basin 215 (406) 423-5292
Hot Springs Sanders 544 (406) 741-2751
Hysham Treasure 312 406-342-5544
Joliet Carbon 595 (406) 962-3567
Jordan Garfield 343 (406) 557-2692
Kalispell Flathead 19,927
Kevin Toole 154 (406) 337-2141
Laurel Yellowstone 6,781
Lavina Golden Valley 187 (406) 636-2025
Lewistown Fergus 5,901
Libby Lincoln 2,628
Lima Beaverhead 221 (406) 276-3521
Livingston Park 7,044  “Then click on Building Department”
Lodge Grass Big Horn 428 (406) 639-2362
Judith Gap Wheatland 126 (406) 473-2249
Malta Phillips 1,997 (406)344-3426
Manhattan Gallatin 1,520
Medicine Lake Sheridan 225 (406) 789-2422
Melstone Musselshell 96 406-358-2301
Miles City Custer 8,123 406-234-6339
Missoula Missoula 66,789
Moore Fergus 193 (406) 374-2480
Nashua Valley 290 (406) 746-3461
Neihart Cascade 51 (406) 236-5301
Opheim Valley 85 (406) 762-3355
Outlook Sheridan 47 (406) 895-2226
Philipsburg Granite 820
Plains Sanders 1,048 (406) 826-3411
Plentywood Sheridan 1,734 (406) 765-3411
Plevna Fallon 162 406-772-5001
Polson Lake 4,598
Poplar Roosevelt 810 406-768-3483
Red Lodge Carbon 2,125 (406) 446-0196
Rexford Lincoln 105 (406) 297-2439
Richey Dawson 177 (406) 225-3381
Ronan Lake 1,871
Roundup Musselshell 1,788 (406) 323-2804
Ryegate Golden Valley 245 (406) 568-2320
Saco Phillips 197   (406) 527-3312
Scobey Daniels 1,017
Shelby Toole 3,376
Sheridan Madison 642 (406) 842-5431
Sidney Richland 5,191
Stanford Judith Basin 401 (406) 566-2251
Stevensville Ravalli 1,809
St. Ignatius Lake 842 (406) 745-3791
Sunburst Toole 375 (406) 937-2141
Superior Mineral 812 406-822-4672
Terry Prairie 605 (406) 635-5411
Thompson Falls Sanders 1,313 (406) 827-3557 
Three Forks Gallatin 1,869 (406) 285-3431
Townsend Broadwater 1,878 406-266-3911
Troy Lincoln 938 (406) 295-4151
Twin Bridges Madison 375 (406) 684-5243
Valier Pondera 509 (406) 279 3721
Virginia City Madison 190 (406) 843 3007
Walkerville Silver Bow 675 See Butte
Westby Sheridan 168 (406) 385-2445
West Yellowstone Gallatin 1,271
Whitefish Flathead 6,357
Whitehall Jefferson 1,038
White Sulphur Springs Meagher 939
Wibaux Wibaux 589 (406) 796-2412
Winifred Fergus 208 (406) 462-5425
Winnett Petroleum 182 (406) 429-5451
Wolf Point Roosevelt 2,621 406-653-1852

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Montana Department of Labor and Industry-MONTANA BUILDING CODES PROGRAM

Montana County Websites

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