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Why do I need a storage shed with a loft?

So you are looking for a storage shed, but there are so many options out there.. so what do you need? Do you need a shed with a loft? Do you need shelving? What size is necessary for your needs?

We are here to help you narrow down the specifics and give you the best options for your project.

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What’s the craze about sheds with lofts?

As you start to research what type of storage sheds are out there on the market, you are going to see lots of sheds with loft space. There is a pretty apparent reason for this: simply more storage space.

But it is more than just giving you extra storage; a loft space helps you free up your floor space. This will allow you to store more oversized items like; lawn equipment, furniture, business equipment, extensive tools, etc.

While storing things in an above-head loft may be a little less convenient, it will double your shed’s storage space. We always suggest keeping things you only have to access once or twice a year, like holiday decorations.

Heck, we have clients that have sheds wholly dedicated to Christmas decorations. If that is the case, you are DEFINITELY going to need a loft.

Can you build your loft in your shed?

Once you own your building, you are more than welcome to do whatever you want. We do, however, recommend having us install your loft for you. This will ensure your warranty stays intact, and we can guarantee our work will be sturdy and reliable.

What loft options do we offer?

Our lofted barn is designed with a gambrel roof pitch, allowing ample space for a loft space on both ends.

Also, anything with a porch will naturally have some storage space above it. These can be reinforced to be loft storage as well.

What if I don’t want to crawl in and out of a loft space?

We get that some people do not want to be or should not be climbing up and down ladders with heavy storage items. So we offer custom wooden storage sheds with options like shelving, workbenches, wall frame-outs, peg boards, etc.

We can customize every detail of your new shed, so you have the perfect type of storage for your needs.

Lining one or more walls with shelving is a great way to optimize storage while keeping your floor space free. However, you may have to move out larger equipment, like a mower, to access the shelves.

What’s the difference between a barn and a shed?

We often get the question how is this a barn? Can you build a horse barn? Our storage buildings are modeled after classic Amish or Mennonite-style storage barns. The Amish are known for their quality and craftsmanship, particularly when it comes to carpentry.

Our Lofted Barn is our most classic Amish-style storage barn.

Are Amish sheds worth it?

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You are typically going to pay more for an Amish shed because everything is built and constructed by hand with the best materials we can use. In addition, our crews are trained and employed by our managers, who have been doing this for over 20 years.

Final thoughts

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If you are looking for more organization in your life and a bit more storage space, then you should consider lofted storage shed. Whether you like our lofted barn style or want to add a loft to your custom build, we feel it is a no-brainer option.

Call or email us today to design your shed with a loft.

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