Do I need Motorcycle Storage Shed?

There are many options for purchasing a motorcycle storage shed or partial coverage like a carport, tent, or cover.

Every brand is going to claim that they have the best option. But what is truly important, and what makes good quality motorcycle storage?


Summit Stained Detached Garage


A few great tent options on the market will fully enclose your motorcycle and offer a decent storage solution. In addition, many of these tents include a bottom so that your bike will have a barrier from the water even if you get heavy rains.

Once again, a tent will offer your motorcycle practically zero security. Therefore, a tent is probably a bad option if you are in a high-traffic area or are concerned about theft.


A motorcycle cover isn’t going to be able to protect you from too much, outside of light rain and snow. There is not complete coverage. You also will not have any protection from thieves, or vandalsim. 

Detached Garage or Shed

If you do not already have a garage attached to your home, you are probably already missing some storage.

A detached garage or shed option will give you a completely waterproof (depending on the builder), secure, and provide extra storage depending on the size.

The downside to this option is obviously going to be cost. For example, a tarp or cover might cost you $20-50, while a garage or quality wooden storage shed will cost you $5000+, depending on size and upgrades.

 Why do I need a motorcycle storage shed?

There is so much more that goes into packing and storing a motorcycle than a fully enclosed vehicle.

You must worry about rust, theft, corrosion, and vandalism when parking on the street. But if you don’t have a garage or don’t have enough room in your garage, these are issues you just have to deal with. Unless you have a dedicated motorcycle storage shed.

Weather Conditions

No matter where you live in the world, some elements could potentially harm your motorcycle. Unfortunately, that is the downside of owning an open-air vehicle.

High winds, humidity, heavy rains, snow, or flooding can all adversely affect your motorcycle. Even a powder-coated bike can take on the effects of harsh weather if not protected.

Will a tent or a less expensive option work to protect my bike?

Some smaller vinyl motorcycle sheds, tarps, and storage tents are on the market. They will help keep your bike safe in lighter rains and snows, but the less sturdy the storage vessel, the less protected your motorcycle will be.

So if you are looking for a cheaper option, it MIGHT work for your needs. But wouldn’t you sleep a little sounder if you KNEW your bike was protected?

No protection from thieves

A tent, tarp, or plastic shed offers little to no protection from having your motorcycle stolen. With a Summit Structures shed, we can provide you with the security and peace of mind every actual motorcycle lover needs.

What things should I look for when purchasing a motorcycle storage shed?

There are many options on the market when it comes to storage buildings. They make storage structures with various building materials like wood, metal, vinyl, and plastic.

What do you need to keep your bike safe?

There are more economical brands, and then there are shed builders that are of higher quality but come at a higher cost.

When purchasing ANY storage building, we always tell people to look for the following:

  • A workmanship warranty of at least 10 years (Here at Summit, we offer a 12-year warranty)
  • LP Silvertech siding, with a 50-year warranty
  • moisture and radiant barriers
  • the structure’s snow load
  • How far apart are the studs and runners spaced?
  • How high will the building be? Will you need a ramp?
  • If it is an anchored building, how are they anchoring it?

The Best Motorcycle Storage is a Summit Shed

A storage shed is an excellent option for motorcycle storage because you don’t have to build a giant structure to keep your baby safe from the elements and thieves.

Summit Structure’s Standard Features

  • 4×6 pressure treated runners
  • 2 runners on 8′ and 10′ wide buildings
  • 4 runners on 12′, 14′ & 16′ wide buildings
  • 2×6 Pressure Treated floor joists 16″ O.C.
  • 1-1/8″ Flooring
  • Floor Moisture Barrier
  • 2×4 walls studs on 16″ O.C.
  • Standard Wall 7’9″
  • Double Top Plates
  • 7/16 LP Silvertech siding
  • 9-Lite Prehung Door
  • 5/12 Roof Pitch
  • 2” Sidewall & Endwall Overhangs
  • Roof decking 7/16 Radiant Barrier OSB
  • 2×4 Roof Trusses, 16″ O.C.
  • Tar Paper Underlayment
  • 29 gauge metal Roof

Summit Structure's Options and Upgrades

We have shelving and workshop packages available; this takes your new storage shed from being the best motorcycle storage to the best motorcycle workshop.

Garage Package

Our Garage Package Includes:

  • A beautiful, house-quality garage door replaces the double doors
  • Garage door opener ready
  • Floor joists 12″ on center to support extra weight requirements
  • Upgrade to 2×6 floor joists
  • 3/4″ Edge Gold tongue and groove sub-floor. Engineered for strength and durability, the moisture-resistant technology helps ensure that when the floors go down flat, they stay that way!
  • One 24×36 single pane window
  • 3/4″ Edge Gold tongue and groove sub-floor. Engineered for strength and durability, the moisture-resistant technology helps ensure that when the floors go down flat, they stay that way!
  • Higher side walls (89″ studs used in utilities and 78″ studs used in lofted barns)

Summit Structures will help you get a motorcycle, workshop, or gear storage space that you need with just a few hours of on-site setup time from our professional crews.

Handyman Package

  • 8′ Workbench in 12′ and 14′ wide storage sheds (6′ Workbench in 10′ wide storage sheds)
  • Pegboard above the length of workbench
  • 7′ Side Walls
  • Interior Door
  • Interior Wall
  • One 24×36 Window, Single Pane
  • One Extra Exterior 3 Ft Door
  • Complete Electrical Package (wired with 3 receptacles, 2 lights, and 1 switch with plate cover)

To have proper space for handyman elements such as interior walls and doors, the minimum storage shed sizes are as follows:10×20, 12×20 and 14×20.

Summit Structure’s has the Best Motorcycle Storage Sheds

When you purchase a Summit Shed to protect your motorcycle, you are purchasing peace of mind. You will no longer have to worry about inclement weather; your bike getting knocked over on the street, or thieves messing with your bike.

Our storage sheds are custom built and have many options in shed styles and upgrades. So if you are looking for function and style, Summit’s storage Sheds are the ultimate option.

Chat with our team of consultants now to design your motorcycle storage structure today!

Call our shed team at (541) 243-5800 to design your motorcycle storage structure today!

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